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Below is some important info and some of the most frequently asked questions. We hope you find it helpful.

Please feel free to email us via the 'Contact Us' page should this page not answer your question.

About Youth Fund Dunedin...

Youth Fund Dunedin is a new entity aiming to empower youth to make a positive contribution to the Dunedin community, via providing accessible funding for youth driven initiatives and ideas. 

Who / what is Youth Fund Dunedin?

Youth Fund Dunedin is a independent organisation and a registered incorporated society. It consists of 1) a governance board and 2) a Youth Fund Dunedin Committee made up of Dunedin young people and mentors who will collectively make decisions on funding applications. Find out more about the Youth Fund Dunedin Team.

Grants Info...

What / who do Youth Fund Dunedin provide grants for?

Ideas driven by passionate, enthusiastic young people from Dunedin.

The committee are open to applications for any youth initiated, youth driven activities with benefit to the Dunedin community. These might range from events, concerts or activities, through to recreation facilities, youth driven business ventures or community services.

Basically if you are under 24, live within the Dunedin city boundaries and are passionate about an idea project which will have benefit for others, then we want to hear from you.

What don't Youth Fund Dunedin fund?

  1. Projects for individual benefit. 
  2. Applicants over the age of 24 years.
  3. Projects or initiatives involving overseas travel.
  4. Schools or educational activities for core curricular activities.
  5. Teams, clubs or organised groups seeking support for core or already funded activities.
As funds are limited, not all projects will necessarily be funded. However, we will always attempt to point you in the right direction of others who can help if we can’t.

How much do you fund?

We anticipate most grants being for projects under $500, but will consider applications up to $3,000 for a limited number of projects with sufficient merit. If your dream is bigger than this please still apply and we may be able to collaborate with other funding bodies to help make it happen. 

The Process...

What is the process?

  1. Make application on-line (easy to fill in idea summary form, submitting your basic idea and outline).
  2. Youth Fund Dunedin Committee will meet to consider applications.
  3. You will be notified if your idea will go to the next stage.
  4. Those with ideas selected to go to the next stage will be invited to come talk to the committee.
  5. If successful, funding will be granted and a project mentor appointed (the role of this mentor will vary depending on age and skill of applicants, in some cases the mentor may potentially be a youth worker or adult known to the youth or a member or supporter of the Youth Fund Dunedin Committee – this is to be evaluated on a case by case basis).

When can applications be made?

Anytime - there are no closing dates. 

What is the response Time Frame?

Funding outcomes within 1 month of application.

Traditionally, meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month.


How did Youth Fund Dunedin start and where does the funding come from?

The Dunedin Youth Fund has been under development for a number of years. It was initiated by a small group of volunteers, after a Dunedin City Council commissioned report highlighted the need for accessible funding for young people within our region.

Today the organisation remains volunteer driven.

In 2011 after formally setting up the legal and governing structures, a small amount of seed funding was generously granted by the Dunedin City Council and the Dunedin Youth Action Committee.

In future funding will be via application to various funding bodies, plus commercial sponsorship and donor support. 

Interested in supporting us? Send us a message and our team will get in touch.

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